5 Things I Love About Ponce City Market

         Although it’s located in Atlanta, Georgia, Ponce City Market is like a whole city in itself. The whole place reminds me of New York city. Once I stepped inside the building, I totally forgot that I was a suburban girl. The whole family visited during early summer and we liked it so much that we decided to visit again. So two weeks ago,  we visited the building again and I was able to take some pictures to share with you.  I am also sharing with you 5 things that I really like about that place!

The stores

       Inside the building are stores like J. Crew, West Elm, Anthropologie, Citizen Supply, to name a few. I had to start with the stores because I like the way they are set up. Everything around the area looks expensive, which kind of reminds me of Lexington and Fifth Avenue in New York.  In addition to these stores, businesses like MailChimp and HowStuffWorks have their offices inside the building.

The History

   I didn’t know the now Ponce City Market used to be a Sears, Roebuck and Co. retail store, warehouse,  and regional office until now. When Sears closed in 1979, the building continued to operate as a Sears regional office until 1987. But on July 11, 2011, The city sold the building to Jamestown for $27 million dollars. If you are not familiar with Jamestown, it is a private equity group that also owns the Chelsea Market in New York City.

Atmosphere/Happy Hour

      Ponce City market is also an ideal place for drinks with friends after work. I also think it’s a nice place for date nights. The place is also very busy on weekends. We had to pay for parking when we went two Saturdays ago, but parking is free at night. People also park their cars and rent bikes to ride around the market, which I think is so cool. And forget about food courts. This place has a food hall where fine dining is served. The environment is very friendly and the place smells and looks very clean.

The Architecture

      Remember I told you being in the building is like being in a different city! It’s way better than being in the mall. It is also an old building that stands on 2 million square feet (with its surroundings). These brown stones make it the perfect place for those who like to live the city life. I guess I like it as much as I do because a part of me misses New York. So next time you are in Georgia, stop by the Ponce City Market. You will love it as much as I do.

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