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How To Use Black Coffee To Stop Hair Shedding

Black coffee literally saved my hair. I would have gone bald three weeks ago if I did not know the benefits of coffee on the hair. My hair was shedding non-stop. Although I had introduced a few new products to my hair routine, I knew that my hair was not shedding excessively because of them. It turned out that my hair was shedding because of medical reasons. My thyroid was out of control and my iron was unusually low. Using coffee on my hair to stop the shedding and promote hair growth, has been my remedy until the other medications start working to bring everything back to normal.

DHT or Dihydro-testosterone, which is the result of excess testosterone broken down by the body, damages the hair follicles, which in turn leads to baldness. The hair follicles shrink when there is too much DHT present in the blood. When that happens, the hair becomes thinner, and grows slower than normal.  According to a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology in January 2007, Caffeine stimulates hair growth and helps make hair follicles resistant to the effect of testosterone.  60 cups of coffee a day is what you would have to drink for that to happen, but it is suggested that applying the coffee directly to the scalp is another way to enjoy its benefits. 

How I Use Coffee To Stop Shedding And Promote Hair Growth

{1} Brew the coffee as usual and let it cool off.

{2} Wash the hair with shampoo, squeeze out excess water with the help of a T-shirt.

{3} Pour the coffee over your head, paying attention to your scalp. Use a bowl to catch the drippings if you intend to use the coffee a couple of times.

{4} Leave the coffee on your hair for about 5 minutes, then rinse it out and condition or deep condition your hair.

            Because  I don’t rub the deep conditioner on my scalp,  I choose to leave the coffee on my hair, then add the deep conditioner on top. For me it is a good way to give the coffee enough time to work. I only use coffee on my hair once a week because using coffee on the hair too often can change your natural hair color. So, if your hair is color treated, you might want to use a different alternative to coffee. Thanks to the coffee rinse, the excessive shedding stopped completely. Now my hair only sheds when I wash it or during regular combing, which is normal.

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