5 Plus Size Fashion Trends For Curvy Women

 The fashion industry has seen plenty of changes in recent years; plus size fashion trends, ideals and expectations have been moving in a rather positively surprising direction – the curvy girl. And while skeletal, sickly girls used to occupy every fashion designer’s attention, the rise of curvy models, so called plus size women, became both fashion and women movement, encouraging women of all sizes to embrace their gorgeous bodies and enjoy the ride.

With pretty aggressive campaigns, a voice that won’t let be muffled and the idea of a world where body-shaming of any kind is the thing of the past, these lovely women are redefining what society considers beautiful. Even some of the hottest designers are putting their guards down, like Clements Ribiero who designed a standout collection for full-figured women.

1. Crop tops

 These tops are a perfect solution for any body type. Depending how you style them, they can go from a complementing piece to a fabulous skirt or jeans or be a statement piece that carries the whole outfit. For the upcoming season, choose bold patterns and colors that will promote a happy vibe!

2. Tube skirts/dresses

   Again, the Kardashian clan’s doing! These fabulous types of skirts or dresses are the perfect solution for anyone who is looking to flaunt their curves and feel like a million dollars! The accentuate the waist, hips and derriere in all the right places! Paired up with a fashionable pair of pumps and a cropped top, this outfit is a dream come true for all of us full-figured women. To keep the chick looks but add a bit of “bad girl” vibe to it, opt for a biker jacket on top and daring jewelry.

Both crop tops and tube skirts and dresses are reminiscent of previous year’s fashion but we simply can’t get enough of it!

3. Shorts, bare arms, wraps

    This summer (and every other of that matter) exercise your right to skinny and light outfits! Jean shorts, americana shirts in light materials, interesting patterns and colors and wraps are the absolute hit for the upcoming season. Even though curvy women are often advised to avoid anything short and revealing, don’t! Enjoy your figure and wear whatever feels fabulous.

4. Flowy dresses

       There is probably nothing as amazing as a flowy dress on a curvy girl, especially during summertime. Waist fitted with a flowy bottom, these dresses will give your silhouette that elegant, light vibe and an inevitable confidence boost! Opt for literally any color and you’ll look fabulous!

5. Color your life up!

    Owing to the trendy plus size fashion, we can finally forget about the All Black Everything fashion that we are often told to wear. Obviously, black is a perfectly acceptable option for those chic, romantic nights, but it shouldn’t be the only color plus size women wear, especially not during the summer.

Mimic the vibrancy of the summer season with bright colors! Give your wardrobe that extra pop with the right accessories; like flower crowns, bags, earrings, interesting neck pieces, bold makeup, and a pretty little ensemble as base.

Also, don’t shy away from whites even though white is supposedly “widening”. Who cares, really! Opt for an All White Everything chic, summer combo that will turn heads!

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