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Top 3 Tips For Washing Curly Hair

Today I want to share with you my top 3 tips for Washing Curly Hair During the summer. Now that summer is near, I’m sure you are looking for ways to care for your curly hair to keep it soft and manageable. When it comes to our hair type, hydration should be our favorite word. Whether your curls are soft, coarse, loose, or tight, we all have that word in common because curly hair is the driest hair type. Our natural oils from the scalp cannot make their way down to the ends of our hair when we have so many curls.

Therefore, we have to rely on excellent products to keep our mane healthy, shiny, and frizz-free. It is possible that the products that worked for your hair during the winter stops working or reacts differently on your hair during the
summer. Make sure you check your products as the new season approaches. Aside from great products, water is your best friend when it comes adding moisture to your hair. Washing your hair on a regular basis is the best way to make sure that your scalp is free of any product buildups also.

Find the right shampoo

  • Start with a moisturizing shampoo, or any shampoo designed for curly hair. I always notice more frizz when I use a shampoo that does not help with moisture. Doing an overnight treatment with warm coconut oil before washing your hair with a shampoo is also beneficial if you want to tame frizz and add moisture. How often you should use a shampoo really depends on how fine your hair is.  I wash or co-wash (washing with a conditioner) every 4 to 5 days.

Don’t skip the conditioner

  • Always apply a moisture rich conditioner after rinsing out the shampoo. Look for words like hydrating, moisturizing, smoothing, and de-tangling on the labels when buying a conditioner. You also need to look for ingredients like fatty alcohols that soften the hair. TREsemme moisture rich conditioner with vitamin E is one of my favorites. It provides slip and conditions the hair very quick.

Deep condition to retain moisture

  • Doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week is very beneficial for the hair. It nourishes the hair and allows the necessary ingredients to penetrate the hair shaft. According to Tippi Shorter, the Aveda global director, 10 to 30 minutes with heat is all you really need when deep conditioning your hair. When I deep condition with heat, I love to heat up a small bath towel in the dryer or the microwave and wrap it around my head after putting a plastic cap on my head. I usually leave it on for about 30 minutes, comb the hair with a wide tooth comb, then rinse with cool water before applying my leave-ins.

In conclusion

I am a big fan of co-washing, which means washing your hair with a conditioner only.  If you work out five days a week and feel that your hair is sweaty, you can do a quick rinse, apply the conditioner to your hair, focusing on your ends ( not your scalp), then rinse the conditioner out. Always add your leave-ins and seal the moisture in with an oil or butter whenever you wet your hair; that will help close the cuticles and keep your hair moisturized longer.

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