5 Free Things To Do In Tennessee

There are definitely more than 5 Free Things to do in Tennessee. But today, I want to share with you what we did during our recent visit. We wanted to surprise the kids by doing  something nice for them for fall break and Tennessee came to mind. At first we wanted to go to Savannah, but it turned out that it is further from us than Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

1. Visit one of Tennessee’s beautiful waterfalls

 We got to see four waterfalls that run down from over 230 feet in elevation. Our clocks changed from Eastern to Mountain time when we got to Sparta, which is where Burgess falls is located. We also had no internet connection while we were up there. I had to save all my insta stories and published them the next day. I am pretty sure the park is even more beautiful during late fall. My husband loves nature and outdoor activities. That’s the only time I get to see him like a kid in a candy store. I am glad we ate breakfast as soon as we got to Tennessee, because it was a long drive to Burgess fall!

2. Go explore the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville

After taking a well-deserved nap in a church parking lot, We drove two hours from Sparta to Nashville. Hubby new that I have always wanted to go, so he did not mind driving. As a country music fan, being at the Grand Ole Opry felt like being a in dream that I never wanted to wake up from. I think me watching all the documentaries about county music on GPB the sunday before we left,  made it more real. Some of the most famous country singers like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, and Dolly Parton performed on this stage. Tickets are also available for those who want to visit backstage, but they can be expensive.

3. Drive to downtown Chattanooga and explore the Art District

We drove almost 3 hours from Nashville to Chattanooga. By the time we got there,  we only had time to check into the hotel, take a shower,  and go get dinner. We all felt tired and went to bed as soon we got back to the hotel. The next day we drove to downtown Chattanooga, where we walked around the Hunter Museum. Going in required some money, so we skipped that. But we were able to view some outdoor arts that we really enjoyed.

4. Walk the Walnut Pedestrian bridge

Walking the Walnut bridge was fun and the view was breathtakingly beautiful. Being on the bridge provided a panoramic view of the city. Walnut Bridge connects the southern and the northern side of the city.  We were able to see the river and other places. It  is also the first non-military bridge on the  Tennessee River.

5. Cool down at the Coolidge Park

We only had to pay $2 for parking for the kids to enjoy the Coolidge park and the water. I packed water clothes for them so they could enjoy the pool, but the pool was closed for renovation at the hotel. I am glad they were able to enjoy the water for an hour. They wanted to stay longer, but had to head back home before rush hour. We did not want to get stuck in traffic.

My husband and I always try to find free thing that we can do with the kids when we travel. That’s why waterfalls and state parks are always on our to-do list when we go on vacation. The kids had so much fun, they did not want to come back to Georgia. Tennessee is a beautiful place, and I am glad we got to surprise the kids without spending a lot of money.

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