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3 Fun Ways To Use Your Spiral Hair Ties This Fall

There are so many fun Ways To Use Your Spiral Hair Ties. And with Halloween coming up, the creativities are endless! Hair ties have changed so much over the years. And us hair lovers welcome them in every color, style, and fabric! Spiral or coil hair ties have only been around for a few years, but they are quickly taking over because of their durability and attractiveness. And these days more and more companies are making them.

#1-Use Your Spiral Hair Ties To Add Colors To Your Twists or Braids

We cannot talk about women’s fashion without talking about a hair tie collection. It’s true that we lose them all the time, but we always make sure we get more, because they are necessary. Fall is the season of burgundy, yellow, olive green, and orange colors. Use your spiral hair ties to bring your hairstyles to life this season.

#2- Use Your Spiral Hair Ties To Keep Your Hair Up

Make your workday a good hair day by using your hair ties to keep your hair in place, but in style. If you are a healthcare worker and are in direct contact with patients, I am sure you understand the importance of having a hair tie handy. I work with covid patients and I have to wear PPEs to protect myself. Keeping my hair up is definitely a must.

#3- Use Hair Ties To Refresh Old Protective Styles

If you are in between hairstyles and the fly-aways are showing up sooner rather than later, you know it’s time to reach for that eco-styler gel and some hair ties. Spiral hair ties are perfect for on-the-go moms, yoga instructors, athletes, and other professionals. Don’t forget to keep some in your everyday or work bag for a quick fix.

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