The Best Way to Use Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) to Get Softer Skin

There’s nothing like some good ol’ Petroleum Jelly on a cold winter day. I call it my-mother’s best-kept-beauty-secret. That woman swears by that product. Her skin has always been firm, younger looking, and acne-free.  Whether you call the product itself by the brand’s name, Vaseline, you know what I am talking about. When it comes to beauty uses, there are at least 15 ways you can use Petroleum Jelly. Some use it to stop flyaways, while others use it as a makeup remover. As for me? I use it during the winter to prevent cracked heels, dry lips, and rough skin. If you need soft, touchable heels, you cannot go wrong with Petroleum Jelly. But I have learned over the years that just rubbing Petroleum Jelly on our skin may not be enough for some of us. And with the winter weather being so touch on our skin, using this beauty product the right way can make a big difference.

To Prevent moisture loss

Petroleum Jelly is widely used in cosmetic skin care. It is also known as the “cure-all” medicine by some. It is widely approved by the FDA as an OTC (over the counter) skin protectant. Petroleum Jelly can be used to keep your face warm during the cold weather. It does so by preventing moisture loss from the skin. That’s why you get that feel-good feeling after using pure Petroleum Jelly on your lips during the cold season.

Use on wet skin

Just like our hair, our skin needs water to stay moisturized. The best way to keep the moisture in after washing our hair is to use a product that can lock the moisture in. Petroleum Jelly is an oil-based emollient. Once it is present, not a drop of water can pass through. Therefore, when you use it on your skin after taking a bath or a shower, the moisture stays in. That’s why it is best to use Petroleum Jelly after being in contact with water.

To heal cracked heels

Using Petroleum Jelly on dry skin before leaving the house can protect the skin against friction from your clothes. It also helps by keeping your natural moisture in. Petroleum Jelly can also be used to heal cracked heels. After your regular shower, rub some Petroleum Jelly on both feet. Put your socks on before going to bed. The socks will not only prevent the product from getting your sheets dirty, they will also keep the product on your feet. The Vaseline will keep the moisture in overnight and you will wake up with soft, younger looking feet the next day. Don’t believe me? Just give it a go!

Did you know that Petroleum Jelly can prevent fine lines and wrinkles? It’s all about maintaining your skin’s elasticity, honey! The best way to keep the skin’s elasticity is by moisturizing the skin with water and keeping the moisture in. And Petroleum Jelly is the best and cheapest product for the job.

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