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How to Grow Back and Protect Your Edges: 5 Quick Tips

Growing back your edges requires TLC and patience. To me, It’s like losing weight. You did not gain the weight in one day. So don’t expect the pounds to melt overnight. After being through so many different hair loss phases during my natural hair journey, I know retaining length around your head can be a challenge. There were times during my journey when I had to literally hold on to my edges. I remember at one point I had to use mascara to hide the bald spots. Today I want to share with you the steps that I took to grow back and protect my edges.

1. Pay attention to your hair

It may sound silly, but paying attention to your hair is the first step to grow back and protecting your hair and your edges, especially after wearing a protective style, or using a new product. Look for signs of hair loss every time you wash your hair.

2.Wear protective styles that protect your edges

The picture on the left was when I was wearing less hair extensions. And the picture on the right was when I was wearing weaves more often then I should. I came to the realization that weaves were causing more tension to my scalp and I should take a break. Once I did that, I started seeing a big difference in the way my hairline looked. Stay away from protective styles that are not protecting your edges. For me it was weave. But for you, it might me front lace wigs that require glue, or tight cornrows.

3. Use the right products when braiding your hair

Stop braiding your edges! Instead, use products like Edgewax to smooth out your edges, then start braiding where the roots feel the strongest. If the area you are trying to braid is too thin, it’s an indication that you shouldn’t add more stress to that area. I love using Murray’s Edgewax because it controls fly-aways and stimulates hair growth at the same time. It also moisturizes the hair and helps my twists last longer.

4. Keep your scalp clean and oiled to grow back your edges

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know Jamaican black castor oil is my go-to oil when it comes to hair growth. It is my tried-and-true. It never disappoints. Most people don’t see results with castor oil because they don’t trust the process. Like I said in the beginning, growing back your edges and protecting it against damage requires patience. Oil your scalp with you favorite oil. Mix different oils if you have to. Stimulate the scalp with a comb or a soft brush after applying your oil.

5. Use the right accessories to retain length and hair vitamins go grow back your edges

I have seen a huge difference since I started taking multivitamins on a regular basis. The hair grows from the inside out. That’s why you need nutrients and vitamin supplements that can help you grow your hair. I was diagnosed with three different vitamin deficiencies: Vitamin D, Iron, and B12. When I saw the rate my hair was growing, I knew I had to do something. Now I am happy with the way my hair looks.

Also use accessories that don’t pull on your hair and keeps your edges protected. Your hair ties, headbands, hats, should be hair friendly. You want these accessories to be lined with a silky fabric that will protect your edges by keeping it healthy. Stay away from any fabrics that will rob your hair from it’s natural oil.

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