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4 Ways to Deep Condition Your Hair with Heat

I am pretty sure 4 Ways to Deep Condition Your Hair with Heat.  Deep conditioning is the best part of washing the hair. After we are done removing all the dirt, oils, and other build-up from the scalp, the best way to replace all the nutrients lost during the process is to deep condition the hair. There more than 4 ways to deep condition with heat, I am sure. I love to cut corners by just heating a clean wash cloth in the microwave and put it over a plastic cap on my head after applying my deep conditioner. I then secure the wash cloth with another plastic cap and wrap my head with a warm bath towel from my dryer. But if this is too much work for you, I have a list of methods below that you can use to deep condition your hair with heat.

1. Your body Heat – The most inexpensive way to deep condition the hair. All you need is your plastic cap.  If you love to deep condition on dry hair, this method will work for you. You can prep your hair before your regular workout session. Your body heat, plus the plastic cap on your head will help open up the cuticle layers so the nutrients can get deep into the cortex. My daughter doesn’t like to deep condition her hair, but she loves to go play outside. So, I prep her hair, put the plastic cap on, and let her play  in the backyard for about 30 minutes during  the summer. Then I rinse the deep conditioner out while she takes her shower.

This method is also great for those of you who swear by overnight deep conditioning. I only use this method when I deep condition with a leave-in conditioner. The main purpose of a leave-in conditioner is to coat the hair and protects the cuticles, but some leave-in conditioners sits on top of my hair because of my lo-po hair. The best way to get such leave-in conditioners to work is to leave them on overnight.

2. Hooded hair dryer – This method works best if you have low-porosity hair. Sitting under a hooded dryer for 30 minutes is enough to get the conditioner to melt into the hair. Hooded dryers come with different settings. You can use them either on high or low if you want.

3. Electric hair steamer –  Use for 20-30 minutes to help with deep penetration of the deep conditioner. There are different hair steamers on the market. There are some handheld, stand-alone, and cordless. So many to choose from!

4. Microwavable heating cap – This method is convenient because you can do your house chores while deep conditioning your hair. It is like using your body heat, with the exception that you have to heat it up in the microwave for 2 minutes. You leave it on until it gets cold, or  you can reheat it if the hair needs deeper conditioning.

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