How To Have More Fun In Panama City Florida With Less Money

When I booked a condo for our vacation this year, my husband got all excited about cooking and grilling. I looked at him like he had two heads. I also made it clear to him that I was taking a vacation from cooking. We ended up eating at different restaurants, mostly local places.  It’s a shame that I could not find a good Cuban restaurant. We spent five days in Panama City, Florida. It felt good to visit a different state. Our goal is to visit at least one state every year until the kids go to college. Then it will be only me and hubby enjoying the ride. I did not know how much sleep I needed until we got to Panama City. My husband mostly slept during the day, around 2 o’clock, but I went to bed early and woke up late. We did not have to worry about our alarms waking us up. The best part about visiting other states to me is the road trip. Although I know there will be states that we will have to fly to.  We stopped in Alabama on our way to get gas. The roads are different there. Even the architectures are different.  We will probably go there in October for the national shrimp festival. We will go anywhere there is a beach waiting for us. And as promised, below are some pictures from our little adventure.

The beach life

Satisfy my soul

Bayou Joe’s was one of the best restaurants we visited. Hubby ordered the garbage omelet and I ordered the garbage grits. But let me tell you,  there was nothing trashy about the grits. Before I was even done with my plate, I was sweating everywhere. The food was hot, flavorful, and the service was great.  The restaurant was right on the water. The marina was breathtakingly beautiful. Heck, we could order from our boat if we had one. But don’t let the menu on their site fool you. The food is way more expensive when you get there.

Fun for the kids

One of the downsides of traveling with children is spending more money than your budget allow. When I realized that we were spending too much money on the things that they wanted to do, we drove to Springfield, Florida to visit Under The Oaks National Part. They had a great time there and played with other kids. We even went for a long walk around the park, which we all needed after eating so much soul food.

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