3 Creative Ways To Pose With Your Purse

Posing with a purse has never been my thing. In fact, you will see me in a lot of pictures not holding a purse or a handbag. But over time, I have learned how to pose with accessories like hats, purses, sunglasses, and so on. I have to admit that being on Instagram has also pushed me to do a little more when it comes to photography in general. I even shared a Pin Idea on how you can pose with your hat. You can check it out here. You can even pose with accessories like hats and purses to hide flaws. Today, I am sharing with you a few fun ways you can hold your purse to make your pictures look more chic.

Pose #1: One Hand On Your Hip

By Holding your purse with the right hand while having your left hand on your hip is fun and feminine. Having one foot in front of the other adds height and put emphasis on the purse itself. At the end of the day, it all depends on how the eyes travel.

Pose #2: Using Both Hands To Hold The Purse

Normally, most purses have straps that allows you to carry your purse over your shoulder. But when taking pictures, using both hands to hold your purse makes you look more stylish. I have to say #2 is my favorite way to hold my purse when taking pictures.

Pose #3: Holding Your Purse On Your Hip With One Hand

Holding your purse on your hip also creates the TALL illusion if you are on the short side like me. It makes the eyes travel up. I am only 5’5″, so I need whatever few inches I can get. The fun thing about photography is the details that the lens captures.

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