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5 Simple Tips That will Make You FALL in Love with Your Hair Again

Today I have  5 Simple Tips That will Make You FALL in Love with Your Hair Again. As the cold weather approaches, there is no doubt that some of us will be dealing with some serious bad hair days. Thank God we can wear a hat without having to explain ourselves! But we cannot hide the hair forever. Whether we like it or not,  we have to deal with it. There are simple things that we can do to prevent bad hair days. Things like detangling the hair before getting it wet, moisturizing it, and protecting it against dry air. Below are a few tips that can help.

1.Get to know your hair:

Detangling sessions are like date nights for me and my hair. That’s when I really get to touch my hair to see if I have knots, tangles, and thin ends. Touching your hair also helps you decide  what treatment your hair needs and when. Knowing your hair type also helps.

2.Give your hair some TLC

: Thick, natural hair tends to need more moisture than protein.  Buy products that contain ingredients that will moisturize each strand. Check out my post on low porosity hair here if you have not read it yet. Knowing the porosity of your hair also helps when buying products for your hair. Low porosity hair does not like products that contain any kind of acid, as it further closes the cuticle layers and  prevents moisture from going in. Using the right products is as important as washing the hair.

3.Water and your hair is a marriage made in heaven

: Shrinkage might be one of your biggest problem when your hair gets in contact with water. When the hair is wet, it looks shorter. The reason is because the cuticle layers are raised, allowing moisture and other nutrients to get to the cortex. Always have a spray bottle filled with distilled water in hand before adding other products to your hair.

4.Keep it silky in the bedroom:

Treat your hair right at night. Cotton pillow cases can be rough on the hair.  Invest in a good silk pillowcase or a satin bonnet. You can use either one of them at night to stop breakage and help the hair retain moisture.

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