How To Remove Blackheads Effectively

Blackheads and pimples can be very annoying. Because I have oily skin, I tend to have blackheads……. a lot. But when I try to extract them, I always end up with irritated skin and dark spots. I recently found a product that’s been helping me remove my blackheads painlessly and without damaging my skin.

The name of the products is Black Mask Peel-Off Blackhead Removal and it’s by a company called K. Sang.  According to the company, this product is a deep cleansing peel-off mask that removes impurities from dull skin. It also contains vitamins and plant extract that help soften the skin, and gives it a youthful glow.


Steps to remove blackheads effectively.

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser to remove excessive oil and dirt
  2. Cover the face with a warm towel for one minute to open up the pores
  3. Dry the face completely with a clean towel
  4. Apply a toner to ensure all dirt and oil are removed
  5. Apply a blackhead remover on the affected areas, wait for 10-15, then use your finger to remove the mask
  6. Use a wet towel to remove the remaining of the mask

You can apply your serum or face moisturizer after removing the mask. Avoiding products that contain oil is very helpful when trying to remove blackheads. This mask works very well on my skin, but the scent can be overwhelming, especially when too much is applied. I use the tool that comes with it to apply it on my nose, my inner cheeks, and my chin. I find it very easy to remove. This blackhead remover should be used only on the affected areas. It should not be used on the entire face. I think is a good product for the price, but I expected a little more glow.

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