5 Things You Need To Know About Derma Rolling

The Derma-Roller or skin roller is a little device that you can hold with one hand. Derma rolling has the ability to stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin naturally to promote healthier skin cells in the body. I can’t count how many times I got the opportunity to use a microneedle roller and nicely declined. The idea of using needles on my face frightened me. But as my pores grew wider and deeper, I became desperate and felt the need to try anything to get relief. But before saying yes to microneedling, I did a little research to find out how it would affect my skin and how long I would have to wait before I start seeing some results.

1. What it is

Derma roller or a skin roller contains at least 200 fine medical-grade needles that creates microchannels in your skin. When done right, the user should not feel any pain. This process pretty much tells the body to use its natural healing ability to create newer and healthier tissue to rejuvenate the skin. When you renew your skin cells on a regular basis, you will be able to treat some problems that we encounter as we age, like wrinkles, scars, hyperpigmentation on the skin, stretch marks, and so on.

2.  Safety and concerns

I was so worried about using the derma roller,  I requested that they sent me the 0.5mm instead of the longest one, which is the recommended length for large pores, anti-wrinkles, and anti-aging. I figured it would cause less pain if something went wrong. Actually, this video made me feel better about using the derma roller. The trick is to not apply a lot of pressure when rolling it on your skin. The derma roller is very safe to use, but it should be kept away from children.

3. Derma rolling can be used on both men and women

We often associate skin problems with women. But men do have skin issues, too. They get acne, deep pores, wrinkles, and sunburns. But to be brutally honest with you, I can’t picture my husband in front of a mirror using a skin roller on his face. I don’t think he got time for all that! But this is a good gadget for male models or any man who has time for a nice facial and relaxation.

4. How to use it

It is recommended to disinfect the derma-roller in isopropyl alcohol for at least 5-10 minutes before using it. The next step is cleansing your face. Like you really need me to tell you that! Once your face is clean, you are ready to start rolling.

5. Results may vary

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to getting results with the derma-roller system. How fast you see results depends on the problem you are trying to fix, the needle size you use, and how consistent you are with the process. I have not been using my derma roller long enough to see a big difference, but I will keep you updated!

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