5 Fall Skincare Tips For Glowing Skin

Fall skincare is as important as winter skincare. And with cooler weather, it’s always good to re-evaluate your skincare routine to see if you need to swap your products. A drop in the humidity can also cause the air to become dry, and therefore, cause your delicate skin to start acting funny. My Fall Skincare Tips For Glowing Skin are particularly important for those of you who suffer from skin problems. Even the fabrics you wear during the fall season can irritate your skin. 

Skincare Tip #1: Less Exfoliation

My number one fall skincare tip is cutting back on exfoliation. The first time I went to see a dermatologist, she told me to stop using St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I wanted to say how dare you? I did not pay you so you could tell me to get rid of my Holy Grail. But she was right. I was over-doing it. And sometimes it’s so easy to do. The beads in the scrub were hurting the surface of my skin, causing loss of hydration. Over-exfoliating during the cold season can cause dryness. Try to exfoliate only when your skin feels dull or oily.

Ever since I found out that Aloe Vera can slow down the signs of aging, I make sure I keep 2 leaves in my house at all times. I know some of you would rather spend hundreds of dollars on fancy Beauty products, but the beauty benefits of this plant are endless. Those who know me, know that nothing comes between me and my Aloe Vera. I even eat the gel to boost my chances of having healthier skin. If you don’t have access to the the Aloe leaves, you can buy the gel at your local whole food store, or online. Aloe Vera contains vitamins C and E. The salicylic acid in the Aloe leaf acts as a gentle exfoliant, which removes dead cells and allow your skin to better absorb your serums and moisturizers.

Skincare Tip #2: Switch To A Natural Bar Soap

If you have been thinking about trying a natural bar soap, the cold season is the best time to do it. Natural bar soaps contains less ingredients and chemicals that can dry out your skin. I love using Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Bar Soap because it contains certified organic ingredients and my skin loves it. And because it contains natural oils, my skin doesn’t feel dry after each wash.

Skincare Tip #3: Make Sure You Are Using The Right Toner

 How can your toner help you? Do you even need one? Depending on our skin type, there are 2 types of toners you can choose from. Astringent toners contain ingredients like alcohol and witch hazel, which help remove impurities. They are perfect for people with acne-prone, oily, or combination skin. The  salicylic acid in some toners can also shrink the appearance of pores. But if you have dry, sensitive skin, consider using a hydrating toner that’s gentle on the skin, especially for the colder months.

Fall Skincare Tip #4: Consider Using A Hydrating Serum

We can’t talk about fall skincare tips for glowing skin without focusing on hydration. Just like toners, not all face serums are created equal. For cold seasons, use serums that are more hydrating. Look for serums that reduce fine lines and fight dryness. My new favorite serum is by this company. I have seen such a huge improvement since I started using this product. My skin looks more plumbed, especially around the corners of my eyes. And my skin also looks brighter. This particular product is pricey, but it’s totally worth the money. And if you know a pregnant woman dealing with hormonal acne, this product is highly recommended.

Skincare Tip #5: Switch To A Thicker Moisturizer

There are times when your skin will need a thicker moisturizer. During the cold months, you might notice that your lotion doesn’t last as long as it normally does. Because the air itself is so dry outside, it prevents your skin from keeping moisture. And the wool clothes that you wear, don’t help either. Try using products that contain natural butters like Shea butter and Cocoa butter in your skincare routine. You will keep your glow longer and your skin will stay protected against the harsh winter winds also.

Fall skincare tips for glowing skin has everything to do with using the right products and keeping your skin hydrated. Something as simple as washing your face twice a day, can make a big difference in your skincare routine.

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