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Indoor bowling

Bad weather ruining your bowling plans? Create your own bowling alley in your hallway. Here is how?

You will need:

1. Ten empty water bottles or soda cans
2. Tennis ball or a plastic bowling ball
3. Space to play
4. Marker
5. Masking tape
6. Black or white non-toxic, spray paint

How to:

1. Use the masking tape to create a bowling lane. Keep in mind the age and the physical abilities of the child to determine how long the lane needs to be.
2. Peel the wrappers off the bottles or soda cans and paint them. Let them dry.
3. Arrange the bottles in order at the end of the lane.
4. Let the child use a tennis ball or plastic ball (slightly bigger than the tennis ball) to strike all the bottles or pins.

Quick tip:

You can also use a bowling game toy set if you have one. You can also tweak the rules to make the activity more exciting for the child.