Ball and cup game

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Ball and cup game

Teach your child to make a cup-and-ball game toy with everyday things at home. Read to know more.

You will need:

1. A plastic water bottle
2. Ping pong ball
3. String or yarn
4. Screw eye hook
5. Knife

How to:

1. Pick a bottle, such as the one that has a wide bottom and a narrow opening.
2. Keep the narrow opening closed with a lid, and cut the bottom to create a wide opening.
3. Poke a small opening in the ping pong ball to insert the screw eye hook.
4. Tie one end of the yarn to the hook and the other end to the bottle. You can take the cap off the bottle, put the yarn in, and put the lid back to tie the yarn to the bottle.
5. Your DIY cup-and-ball toy is ready to play.
6. Make this toy once, and your child can play it indoors, anytime he wants. He can play it alone or take turns to play with friends.

Quick tip:

You can even use non-toxic spray paints to color the bottle any way you want.